Advanced planning for family adversity.

The selection of a burial site is a duty that must be done sooner or later, it cannot be postponed indefinitely. When there is a death in the family, decisions tend to be colored by grief and not governed by reason. Because of these difficult times, we at Val Verde Memorial Gardens offer our families reasons why making cemetery decisions today make more sense.

• You will relieve other family members of a sad and stressful duty.

• You will be able to choose from a wider selection of lots.

• You will be able to afford what you purchase by making your decision now, you select a payment plan that suits your budget.


One of the things in life we protect and cherish the most is our family. By planning ahead now, a loved one would not have to be uncertain of your last wishes and make a decision alone when being stricken by grief and loss.


Our office staff as well as our sales representatives can answer the uncertainties when pre-arranging for cemetery property. Buying a burial site at a time of need would leave your family to face paying cash up-front using money they might need to pay other unpaid bills.

By acting now, you can discharge a family member of a duty that would only be cluded by sowrrow and unexpected expenses.


"A wise man builds his house upon a rock." -

Don't be fooled. Leaving cemetery arrangements for the last minute also leaves a family member paying more later.

• Your spouse would be making arrangements alone.
• Emotional overspending could fog good judgement.
• You would pressure a loved one into a hasty decision in carrying out your wishes.